By the use of modern technologies is possible to obtain the following results:

1. Ideally even (level) surface under clay tile, parquet, linoleum and other kinds of cover.
2. High rate of flooring – it is possible to make 200-450 sq.m. of floor within one working day.
3. Preparation of mortar right on the construction site (in the yard) by the use of special concrete mixer pump and its lifting at an altitude of 70-100 meters.
4. By means of this technology the mortar contains minimum amount of water necessary for water hydration, and this fact excludes subsidence and cracking.

Technology description:
1. Arrangement of insulating layer (pumice, izolone, foam plastic)
2. Insulating band anchor along the perimeter of the wall.
3. Preparation of mortar (by the addition of polypropylene fiber and plastifier, as required)

Graded sand with fraction down to 5 mm
Cement – portlandcement, of 400 grade
Polypropylene fiber

Distribution of the Solution
Distribution of delivered solution occurs by rotation laser by means of previously prepared so called “mayaks” (screed strips). Thickness is 5 mm in average.

Surface treatment
Leveled surface should be treated by special buffing motor device.

Guarantee of quality of underlayment made by us is given by the team of experienced specialists, which gain experience during operation at variety of important facilities from the day of company’s foundation.