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Terrazzo Floor

Are you looking for visually refined and stylish floor?  This is Terrazzo.


What makes it exclusive?

Terrazzo floor can easily reflect your taste and style. It consists of glass, stone, and marble due to which you can select desirable color and ornament.


Exclusive feature that you can give to the floor

You can use recycled material in the floor, which is important, if you care about natural resources.


Where it’s used?

At houses, hotels, restaurants, offices, trade centers and airports.


How durable is it?

Nowadays, it’s regarded as one of the most durable products on the market. It is often used at trade centers and airports. Properly cast and well-maintained Terrazzo floor can serve for more than 70 years.


Are there any spots left on Terrazzo floor?

The floor system sealed properly excludes any spots on its surface and preserves it from cracks.


How to clean it?

In order to keep it clean all you need is water.


How to cast it?

OL-P group has it